My goal is to help clients resolve their issues – whether long-standing problems or short-term goals – in order to live a more effective and productive life. I offer evidence-based treatment, provide support and give practical feedback. Together, we will find the most useful solutions to current situations based on client strengths and capabilities. Whatever your life challenge is today, there is always hope that tomorrow will be brighter.

My practice is safe and confidential. I offer my clients the freedom to explore their issues in a comfortable setting. I invite you to find the answers to your personal situation in a supportive and solution-focused environment.

I am a Certified Internal Family Systems therapist. Internal Family Systems offers a collaborative therapeutic environment that honors each client’s unique and intuitive wisdom. The IFS model of therapy offers a clear, non-pathological, and empowering understanding of human issues.

About Judi  FAQs

The goal of therapy is Self-Leadership. Through the guidance of the therapist, the client is able to unload extreme beliefs and emotions that burden their lives, allowing their own Self-Led transformation. Once these burdens have been lifted, you will experience more energy and vitality for life.

Self-Leadership is comprised of the following eight attributes:

  • Clarity

    • Being able to see the world free of bias and distortions
  • Calmness

    • The ability to handle life’s issues in a centered way free from extreme behaviors
  • Curiosity

    • A sense of wonder about the world around you free from judgment
  • Connection

    • Feeling plugged into the people around you and your own internal system
  • Confidence

    • Feeling sure of yourself and your ability to handle tough situations
  • Courage

    • Personal strength and a willingness to understand yourself
  • Creativity

    • Being able to experience life’s pleasures in your own unique way
  • Compassion

    • Feeling open-hearted and empathetic to yourself and others